Puns trivia quiz

Identify the originators of the following “punny” quotations.

1. Joe Anthro was an authority on Egyptian and Babylonian culture. His greatest accomplishment, however, was his famous work on the Throat culture.

2. Guess what, manager…one of your socks flew clear out to the center-field fence! That must be some kind of record…would you call it the longest sock ever hit, or just the longest sock? Or maybe you could call it the longest sock ever socked…How about the longest hit ever socked or the longest sock ever sockered?

3. Many people are worried about the “killer bees.” Not me. What I worry about are those “killer D-minuses”!

4. You know what wishy-washy people need? Cringe benefits!

5. A man in a truck drove to the zoo. He said to the zoo keeper, “I’ve got some good gnus for you and some bad gnus for you!”

6. Sorry I missed that one, manager…I was hoping I’d catch it… Hope got in my eyes!

7. This one musician asks the other if he can play the ‘Hallelujah Chorus,’ see? And this guy says, ‘Oh, I guess I can HANDEL it!’

8. Last night we had a new kind of marshmallow roast. We all sat around and insulted a marshmallow.

9. “I used to think you were a great engineer,” she said. “Once, I even loved you…but you’ve gotten too big for your bridges.”

10. Well, once I was fond of you, but then I wasn’t…but then I was again…there must be a word for it… Refond!

11. This is my report on serfs… Serfs had to work very hard…Every morning the master would yell, “Serfs up!”

12. What are you fishing for, compliments?

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