Miscellaneous trivia quiz answers

1. Identify the speakers:

2. One Christmas, Schroeder got a lot of Beethoven presents, including a year's supply of Beethoven bubble gum. What other Beethoven presents did he get, and what was the one present he got that he didn't know what to do with?
[A new toy piano, a new statue of Beethoven, a Beethoven sweatshirt, and a Beethoven ball-point pen. He didn't know what to do with his toy train.]

3. The first time Snoopy went out to Needles to visit Spike, what did he take with him? What did he leave behind in the desert? How was it recovered?
[He took his supper dish, a glass of water, and Linus's blanket. He left Linus's blanket behind. Spike found it and mailed it back.] (Let's Hear It for Dinner, Snoopy)

4. Snoopy almost beat Hank Aaron to Babe Ruth's record. What spoiled his last chance?
[Charlie Brown got picked off second during Snoopy's last at-bat] (Play Ball, Snoopy)

5. Peppermint Patty once thought that she had graduated and didn't need to go to school any more. Why was this? Who finally explained to her what had really happened?
[She had gone to obedience school at Snoopy's suggestion. The principal explained the situation to her.]

6. Give a brief summary of the episodes from which the following lines have been taken.

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