Miscellaneous trivia quiz 2 answers

1. Charlie Brown once kicked someone off his baseball team. Who?
[Lucy] (You've Come a Long Way, Snoopy)

2. Who received a chain letter and said, ``Receiving a chain letter is like discovering you have gum on the bottom of your shoe!''?
[Charlie Brown] (Try It Again, Charlie Brown)

3. Two of Woodstock's bird friends once got married. Who?
[Bill and Harriet]

4. A group of birds once formulated a terrible, frightening plan. The only one who knew about it was...who?

5. Whose ghost was the ``snoring ghost''?
[Peppermint Patty's]

6. One vacation, Peppermint Patty had the assignment of reading a book and giving a report on it. Marcie pestered her the whole time to do the assignment. What did Peppermint Patty do her report on? What about Marcie?
[Peppermint Patty did hers on a cereal box; Marcie forgot to do hers] (Stay With It, Snoopy)

7. Name three characters who have been patrol person.
[Peppermint Patty, Marcie, and Charlie Brown] (You've Got a Friend, Charlie Brown)

8. Describe three occasions when Charlie Brown and Peppermint Patty have tried to trade baseball players.
[Charlie Brown agreed to trade Snoopy for five players but then changed his mind; Peppermint Patty bullied her way into trading Marcie for Snoopy and then found that Snoopy had a cast on his leg; Peppermint Patty traded Marcie for Lucy and threw in a pizza, but called the deal off when she found how bad Lucy was] (Try It Again, Charlie Brown; Let's Hear It For Dinner, Charlie Brown; Don't Be Sad, Flying Ace)

9. Describe three occasions when Peppermint Patty phoned Charlie Brown asking him to do a favor for their baseball team.
[She wanted to borrow a glove for Thibault; she wanted him to sell popcorn; she wanted him to dress up in a pelican suit]

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