Linus trivia quiz answers

1. In the 1960's Linus had to wear glasses. How did he find out he needed glasses?
[His eyes would water whenever he read and ate potato chips simultaneously]

2. What is Sally's nickname for Linus?
[Sweet Babboo]
2a. Once Eudora also had a crush on Linus - what was her nickname for him?
[The cutest of the cute; she has also called him ``sweet babboo'']

3. All the kids got mad at Linus when their mothers neglected them to go over to Linus's house to play a game with Linus's mother. What was the game?
3a. What color was the ``playing surface'' they used in this game?

4. Linus's mother used to put something special in his school lunches. What was it?
[A note]

5. What kind of flannel is Linus's blanket made from?
[Outing flannel]

6. Linus once wanted to send a security blanket to Caroline Kennedy. Why couldn't he?
[He didn't know her last name]

7. Who is Linus's favorite teacher?
[Miss Othmar]
7a. What is her married name?
7b. During the teacher's strike of 1968 Linus brought something to this teacher while she walked a picket line - what was it?
[A bowl of soup (or a bowl of rain)]

8. When Linus ran for school president he promised to appear before the school board, but later said he could not. Why not?
[It was past his bedtime]

9. Snoopy and Linus form the most unique double play combination in the history of baseball. What position does Linus play in this combination?
[Second base]

10. On a related note, Linus's blanket has on occasion been used as one of the bases for a baseball game. Which base?
[Second base]

11. Linus's blanket has on at least one occasion come to life and attacked someone else in the strip. Who?

12. How does the Great Pumpkin judge which pumpkin patch to appear in?
[It is the most sincere pumpkin patch]

13. What kind of snake is Linus afraid of?
[The queen snake]

14. For ``show and tell'' Linus once made a replica of some famous religious documents. Which documents?
[The Dead Sea scrolls]

15. Who was Linus's first disciple?
[Peppermint Patty] (Think Thinner, Snoopy; Snoopy was also later dubbed a ``follower'' of the Great Pumpkin movement, 10/15/89)

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