Goodbye trivia quiz

I composed this quiz shortly after Schulz’s death, as one way of saying goodbye to him.

1. Who once left town permanently (or so they thought) when their father changed jobs?

2. Who phoned Charlie Brown to say, “We just called to say goodbye, Charles. We’re going to miss you…we love you…” leading him to tell Sally, “I think it was a right number!”?

3. Who phoned Linus to say, “Hello, Linus? I just called to say goodbye. I’m not going to be staying with my grampa any more…I’m going home”?

4. Snoopy once typed, “I remember saying goodbye to them that morning. That’s the last time we ever saw them.” Who?

5. Who said, ‘These “goodbys” just kill me…I can’t take it. My throat feels like I’ve swallowed a hockey stick!’?

6. Infuriated by the laughter that greeted her report on population control, Sally exploded, “I can walk out of this school, you know! I can go to my locker and get my coat and my books and leave!! AND THAT’S JUST WHAT I’M GONNA DO! GOOD-BY!!” But she didn’t. Why not?

7. On one of his missions as a flying ace, Snoopy met a beautiful French girl but had to bid her adieu: “Perhaps someday I can return…au revoir, mademoiselle…au revoir!” He then broke down into uncontrollable sobs. What did Charlie Brown conclude?

8. On another dangerous mission, Snoopy thought, “Before I take off, my faithful ground crew gathers about me bidding farewell. They are very disturbed…some feel that perhaps we shall never see each other again. Is it possible that this could be my final mission? That I shall never return? That this is the end?” What did he decide?

9. Who was touched when a girl said to him, “Goodbye, I’ll see you somewhen!”?

10. One of Snoopy’s stories ran as follows. ‘As she said, “Goodbye” and ran up the steps, he knew he would never see her again. He was heartbroken. “Oh, well,” he thought. “I still have my dog.” Little did he know, his dog had been _______________________.’ Fill in the blank.

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