``Funny'' trivia quiz

Identify the originators of the following ``funny'' quotations.

1. ``It was a dark and funny night.''

2. ``So I said, `Why don't we run away to Paris?' It was a joke. She thought it was funny so she told her mother, who told our teacher, who told the principal, and I got fired!''

3. ``You had a rabies shot, and I've got `Little Leaguer's Elbow'...that's kind of funny, isn't it? ... I guess it isn't.''

4. ``Mickey Mouse shoes are not funny looking!''

5. ``Birds don't know how to tell jokes.''

6. ``The man at the store thought it was very funny that you wear out so many supper dishes.''

7. ``Well, it's kind of funny..it's not exactly `ha ha' funny..or what you'd call `ho ho' funny, or even `hee hee' funny...I'd say it's what you'd call, `not bad considering it's from a dog' funny.''

8. ``Why do you keep trying to fly these kites when you always get them tangled around a tree? ... Wouldn't it be funny if you didn't even make it out the front door?''

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