Intermediate trivia quiz answers

1. Who has dragged Linus, clinging on to his blanket for dear life, in and out of the strangest places?

2. What grade for her homework is Peppermint Patty most often ``hit by''?
[D minus]

3. Whose philosophy includes such profundities as ``Who cares? Don't blame me! How should I know?''?

4. Who plays tennis with Snoopy against Crybaby Boobie and Bad Call Benny?
[Molly Volley]

5. How does the cat next door usually react to what Snoopy says?
[By slashing Snoopy's doghouse]

6. What is the most frequent piece played at a ``Tiny Tots'' concert?
[Peter and the Wolf]

7. How does Snoopy usually refer to Charlie Brown?
[That round-headed kid]

8. How did Peppermint Patty originally refer to Snoopy?
[That funny-looking kid with the big nose]

9. In what capacity did Snoopy and his secretary work extremely hard until he could no longer take the stress and escaped to Peppermint Patty's?
[Head Beagle]

10. Who allegedly told Spike that the Olympics were going to be held in Needles?
[A cactus]

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