Intermediate trivia quiz answers

1. Who has dragged Linus, clinging on to his blanket for dear life, in and out of the strangest places?
[Snoopy] (7/19/64)

2. What grade for her homework is Peppermint Patty most often “hit by”?
[D minus] (4/10/84)

3. Whose philosophy includes such profundities as “Who cares? Don’t blame me! How should I know?”?
[Sally] (2/20/88, 8/3/96)

4. Who plays tennis with Snoopy against Crybaby Boobie and Bad Call Benny?
[Molly Volley] (4/16/82)

5. How does the cat next door usually react to what Snoopy says?
[By slashing Snoopy’s doghouse] (4/30/76)

6. What is the most frequent piece played at a “Tiny Tots” concert?
[Peter and the Wolf] (6/30/85)

7. How does Snoopy usually refer to Charlie Brown?
[The round-headed kid] (7/8/87)

8. How did Peppermint Patty originally refer to Snoopy?
[That funny-looking kid with the big nose] (10/13/73)

9. In what capacity did Snoopy and his secretary work extremely hard until he could no longer take the stress and escaped to Peppermint Patty’s?
[Head Beagle] (3/7/70)

10. Who allegedly told Spike that the Olympics were going to be held in Needles?
[A cactus] (6/8/88)

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