Beginner trivia quiz 2 answers

1. Who was consumed by jealousy when she had to stay home while Marcie and Charlie Brown went off to camp?
[Peppermint Patty]

2. In one of the strangest events in the Peanuts world, a girl had a fond reunion with Snoopy - except that she called Snoopy by the name of another character! What other character?
[Charlie Brown]

3. Who has challenged Charlie Brown's claims about Indian summer, bird migration, and the correlation between large eyes and the need for more sleep?

4. At what familiar venue has the Peanuts gang discussed topics as diverse as the dates of the bluest skies, the security blanket as a ``spiritual blotter,'' and the fact that every day is someone's birthday?
[A low wall]

5. Whose culinary skills have produced such delicacies as sugar lumps with honey, warm water with brown crayon dipped in it, and vanilla ice cream with mint-colored marker?

6. What does Snoopy usually put on his head when he goes travelling?
[His supper dish]

7. Who came to visit Charlie Brown but left after encountering a girl in a booth, a beagle with goggles, and a lecture on the Great Pumpkin?

8. What activity is said by Lucy to be dangerous in a cross-wind, suddenly seemed to Sally to be ``futile,'' and once engaged Linus temporarily en route to his catching a fly ball?
[Jumping rope]

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