The circular file trivia quiz answers

1. Who calculated his earned-run average and obtained ``a figure much too embarrassing to mention''?
[Charlie Brown] (You're So Smart, Snoopy)

2. Snoopy once began a novel with the word ``The.'' Linus wasn't sure about this; what beginning did he prefer?
[``It''] (You've Got To Be You, Snoopy)

3. Who hates writing thank-you notes for toys he's already broken?
[Linus] (You're a Brave Man, Charlie Brown)

4. To whom did Charlie Brown write a ``great letter'' that ``never got sent'' and that began, ``Evening is coming on. I wish it were snowing huge white flakes, and you and I were walking along holding hands and...''
[The little red-haired girl] (You've Got To Be You, Snoopy)

5. Who started writing an essay entitled ``If I Had a Pony'' by writing, ``If I had a pony, I'd saddle up and ride so far from this school it would make your head swim'' and then thought better of it?
[Sally] (You've Got To Be You, Snoopy)

6. What failed novel did Snoopy try beginning with the sentence, ``It was a dark and stormy marriage'' and in which the hero said, ``I know what I'll do, I'll buy her a beagle!''?
[Gone With the Wind III] (Could You Be More Pacific?)

7. What conclusion did Snoopy draw after discarding ``A Thanksgiving Story'' that began, ` ``You turkey!'' she cried. ``Who's a turkey?'' ``You, you turkey!'' '?
[``Thanksgiving stories are hard to write.''] (Could You Be More Pacific?)

8. To whom did Snoopy begin a letter ``Dear Ugly'' in order to invite him to compete in an ugly-dog contest?
[His brother Olaf] (Being a Dog is a Full-Time Job)

9. Whose crushing logic induced Charlie Brown to abandon a letter that he had begun, ``Dear Pen Pal, Did you get my last letter?''?
[Sally's] (11/18/97)

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