Art trivia quiz

1. Sally once received a C for a work of art she produced. She complained bitterly to the teacher, and this became a strip with one of the highest ever numbers of reprint requests. What work of art had Sally created?

2. Who has fashioned incredible sculptures out of snow, including a dinosaur, a life-sized fort, and Washington crossing the Delaware?

3. According to Sally, what would even Picasso and Rod McKuen have had trouble drawing when they were kids?

4. According to Lucy, what is the minimum amount of time one must spend on something before it can be called a “true work of art”?

5. Who reacted to the notion of “Children’s Art Month” by complaining, “How can you narrow down art to one particular time of the year? ART MUST BE UNCONFINED! ART MUST HAVE FREEDOM!”

6. Who pounded his fist insisting that what he was doing was “ART! ART! ART! ART! ART!” and not an effort to earn lots of money?

7. To whom, according to Linus, is teaching a “pure art form” and not a source of income?

8. Who says that a landscape needs a deer, a waterfall, and a sunset before it can be called art?

9. What is it that Charlie Brown regards as an “art form” and that Snoopy loves to “be a patron of”?

10. “These panel discussions on art wear me out!” Who?

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