Snoopy's alter egos quiz 1 answers

1. What kind of plane does Snoopy fly in pursuit of the Red Baron?
[A Sopwith Camel]

2. This alter ego is hung up on languages, hates Sunday afternoons, and is scared to death of chicks.
[Joe Cool]

3. What is the favorite sport of Snoopy the world-famous surgeon?

4. How does Snoopy the Beagle Scout determine which direction is west?
[The moon is always over Hollywood, and Hollywood is in the west]

5. In what role did Snoopy accompany Peppermint Patty in her fight against the dress code?
[An attorney]

6. What military rank in the foreign legion does Snoopy hold?
[Sergeant-major (or sergeant)]

7. There aren't more than a dozen of these that are world-famous, and Snoopy is one of them!
[Checkout clerks]

8. Snoopy the world-famous figure skater was going to go to the Olympics but encountered an insurmountable obstacle. What was it?
[The ocean]

9. `` `I love you,' she said, and together they laughed. Then one day she said, `I hate you,' and they cried. But not together. ... The first time he saw her she was playing tennis. The last time he saw her she was playing tennis.'' Who wrote these memorable lines?
[Erich Beagle]

10. How do you capture a vulture?
[Tickle it on the nose]

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