Ace quiz

1. Who thought she was done with school forever because she had graduated from the ``Ace Obedience School''?

2a. Who calls the ``Ace Piano Company'' whenever he needs a new toy piano?

2b. The Ace Piano Company once bundled a free photo of a certain celebrity with every purchase of a toy piano. Who was the celebrity?

3. Who launched Snoopy from the ``Ace Helicopter Pad'' but parachuted out at the first sign of trouble?

4. Who caddied at the ``Ace Country Club''?

5. Who thought that the sign ``No Dogs Allowed'' at the ``Ace Country Club'' was a misprint?

6. Who would have received all nine Beethoven symphonies free if she had been born at ``Ace Hospital''?

7. Who thought that ``Ace Licensing'' had arranged for her to appear at the opening ceremonies at the Olympic Games in Los Angeles?

8. Who tried to avoid going to camp by taking a flight on ``Ace Airlines''?

9. What representative of the ``Ace Travel Agency'' booked Schroeder on Flight 54 to a summer music camp?

10. Who thought that the ``Ace School for Gifted Children'' was so named because it gave all its students free gifts?

11. Who had a medical emergency and stayed in the ``Ace Memorial Hospital'' for an extended period of time?

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