Ace quiz

1. Who thought she was done with school forever because she had graduated from the “Ace Obedience School”?

2a. Who calls the “Ace Piano Company” whenever he needs a new toy piano?

2b. The Ace Piano Company once bundled a free photo of a certain celebrity with every purchase of a toy piano. Who was the celebrity?

3. Who launched Snoopy from the “Ace Helicopter Pad” but parachuted out at the first sign of trouble?

4. Who caddied at the “Ace Country Club”?

5. Who thought that the sign “No Dogs Allowed” at the “Ace Country Club” was a misprint?

6. Who would have received all nine Beethoven symphonies free if she had been born at “Ace Hospital”?

7. Who thought that “Ace Licensing” had arranged for her to appear at the opening ceremonies at the Olympic Games in Los Angeles?

8. Who tried to avoid going to camp by taking a flight on “Ace Airlines”?

9. What representative of the “Ace Travel Agency” booked Schroeder on Flight 54 to a summer music camp?

10. Who thought that the “Ace School for Gifted Children” was so named because it gave all its students free gifts?

11. Who had a medical emergency and stayed in the “Ace Memorial Hospital” for an extended period of time?

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