Peppermint Patty trivia quiz answers

1a. Which parent does Peppermint Patty talk about all the time?
[Her dad]
1b. What is this parent's pet name for her?
[Rare gem]

2a. Peppermint Patty once entered a competition for which she obtained a sequined dress and a wig. What competition was it?
[A skating competition]
2b. Why did she get the wig and what did she eventually do with it?
[Charlie Brown's dad thought she was a boy and cut her hair accordingly so she bought the wig to hide her haircut. She eventually gave it to Snoopy as payment for his coaching.]

3a. The title of one comic collection is ``Don't Hassle Me With Your Sighs, Chuck!'' What was the occasion of this remark?
[Charlie Brown's school committed suicide so he had to go to Peppermint Patty's school for a while. They shared the same desk and Peppermint Patty kept complaining about Charlie Brown's habits.]
3b. Name three other complaints that Peppermint Patty had about Chuck in this context.
[Don't breathe through your mouth, don't lick your fingers when you turn the pages, don't chew on your pencil]

4a. When Peppermint Patty debuted in the strip, a common friend of her and Charlie Brown introduced them to each other in an effort to help Charlie Brown win some baseball games. Who was this friend?
4b. In the first game that Peppermint Patty played on Charlie Brown's team, what was the score when she gave up in disgust?
[Thirty-seven to five]

5a. Peppermint Patty once entered a kids' golf tournament. Who were the two other principal contenders?
[Joe Richkid and the Masked Marvel]
5b. Peppermint Patty and Marcie once caddied for two women. What were their names?
[Mrs. Bartley and Mrs. Nelson]

6a. Peppermint Patty once stayed in Charlie Brown's ``guest cottage.'' What was this guest cottage?
[Snoopy's doghouse]
6b. When she asked Charlie Brown what they usually did after dinner and was told that they usually watched TV, she suggested several alternatives - to no avail. List three of her suggestions.
[Watercolors, catching fireflies, stamp collecting, talking]

7a. Describe the occasion that Peppermint Patty first saw the little red-haired girl.
[Marcie pointed her out to Peppermint Patty at camp and Peppermint Patty cried and cried when she saw how beautiful the little red-haired girl was. There was a commotion and Charlie Brown's name was mentioned, so was sent home (on the grounds that he was obviously a troublemaker) without having to clean out the grease trap.]
7b. Charlie Brown once got a letter from Peppermint Patty that he mistakenly thought was from the little red-haired girl. What had led Peppermint Patty to write this letter?
[She convinced herself that Charlie Brown liked her but she felt obliged to write him a rejection letter]

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