Robertie Position 179

No disagreement with Robertie here, but it is interesting to note that if Black owned the cube then GNU thinks Black would be way too good to double.

Cube decision
Rollout cubeless equity +1.099 
Cubeful equities:
1.No double +1.228 
2.Double, take +2.039 +0.811
3.Double, pass +1.000 -0.228
Proper cube action:Too good to redouble, pass (22.0%)
Rollout details
 WinW gW bg LoseL gL bgCubelessCubeful
Player tchow owns 2-cube0.7750.5730.024-0.2250.0460.002 +1.099 +1.228
Standard error0.0010.0020.001-0.0010.0010.000 0.004 0.006
Player gnubg owns 4-cube0.7820.5770.022-0.2180.0460.002 +2.229 +2.039
Standard error0.0010.0020.001-0.0010.0010.000 0.008 0.011
Full cubeful rollout with var.redn.
1296 games, Mersenne Twister dice gen. with seed 841517322 and quasi-random dice
Play: supremo 2-ply cubeful prune [world class]
keep the first 0 0-ply moves and up to 16 more moves within equity 0.32
Skip pruning for 1-ply moves.
Cube: 2-ply cubeful prune [world class]