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My best trivia quizzes are at the trivia website Sporcle:

Sally’s Malapropisms
Real People in Peanuts
Ace This Peanuts Quiz!
Snoopy’s Alter Egos
Charlie Brown and the Voice

You are also welcome to try the quizzes below, but be warned that the quality is uneven, because I created them a long time ago when I did not have as good a sense of what makes for a good quiz.

If you’re here looking for the answer to a common trivia question (the baseball team lineup, the name of Charlie Brown’s teacher, etc.), try the alt.comics.peanuts FAQ file. If your question is not in there and it’s a question about a TV show or movie, try asking Scott McGuire. Otherwise, feel free to email me (tchow AT alum DOT mit DOT edu).

You may also be interested in Marcie Lee’s date conversion chart for rerun strips and in my “Years in Review”: [1997] [1998] [1999] [2000] [2001]

In the answer keys to the quizzes below, you will notice that most answers are followed by a date (in MM/DD/YY format) and (usually) the title of a book. This is a reference that tells you where to look for the actual strip(s) with the answer to the trivia question. In many cases there is more than one book that reprints the strip(s) in question; see Nat Gertler’s handy grid guide if you don’t have access to the book I mention but may have access to another book containing the strip(s).

Beginner quiz 1
Beginner quiz 2
Left or right?
Intermediate quiz
The voice in the night
Charlie Brown 1
Charlie Brown 2
Snoopy’s alter egos 1
Snoopy’s alter egos 2
Lucy 1
Lucy 2
Linus 1 (by Tom Barrett)
Linus 2
Peppermint Patty 1
Peppermint Patty 2
Minor characters 1
Minor characters 2
Joe Garagiola
Christmas 1
Christmas 2
Doctor! Doctor!
Ace this quiz!
Quotable quotes
Reflections on life
The circular file
Food 1
Food 2
Real people 1
Real people 2
Real places
Real books
Peanuts book titles
“Funny” quotes
“Punny” quotes
Miscellaneous 1
Miscellaneous 2

Quiz marked was added April 2, 2016.

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