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2nd roll notes at GG

Posted By: David Rockwell
Date: Monday, 21 December 2009, at 8:54 p.m.

I’ve put together some notes about some interesting 2nd roll moves at GG. I’m sure some of these will change as rollouts are extended. I’m not going to interpret the Nactation used here other than a few unusual cases. Hopefully everyone is getting comfortable with it by now. I’m only listing moves that play differently at GG and money. For example, after 43U for money it is correct to respond with 65S. So, 43U is not listed in the 65S section below since the response is the same at money and GG.

1. Play 21$ into the double shot after 21S, 41S and 52S in addition to 51S. Play 51$ and 62$ in response to 51S.

2. Play 22N rather than the defensive E on many rolls (31P, 32D, 41S, 42P, 43D, 54D [very close], 64P). It is interesting to note that for money, 22H is the correct response to 64S. But, at GG, it is correct to eschew the hit and play N. Hitting is not always the most aggressive play.

3. 33A is correct most of the time in place of an unaggressive money play (21S, 21$, 31P, 32D, 41$, 43D, 51$, 54D, 61P, 64P). After 51S and 32S, the more aggressive 33N replaces the money play B. Similarly, after 53P, 33E is correct instead of B.

4. 33o (Outer, 13-7*, 8-5(2)) is best after an opening 6xS rather than the usual P.

5. 44A or P is sometimes better than an unaggressive move used for money (21S, 32S, 51S, 63S, 63R, 64P). This is less likely to be true than it is for the 33 response. B is still often correct. 44D (Down 24-16*, 13-9(2) with the hit assumed) is best after 64S rather than R. D is also best after 43D rather than B.

6. 65S is usually correct when the opener has left one or more blots in the offensive outfield. (21S, 32D, 32S, 32Z, 41S, 43S, 43Z, 43D). Note that 21$ and 41$ are exceptions to this rule. The hit and cover threat is too strong.

7. Play 65H (Hit, with the second checker played from the midpoint, 13-7, 6-1*) after an opening running move (62R, 63R, 64R, 65R).

8. After an opening 6xS, it is correct to play 66K (Kill - hitting two, 13-7*(2), 7-1*(2)) rather than the customary B.

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