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Posted By: Nack Ballard
Date: Saturday, 19 December 2009, at 7:06 p.m.

In Response To: 65R,62S,62D,64H,55? (Atle)

Welcome, Atle!

Nice job on the Nactation. I've tried various punctuations (slashes, spaces, periods...); I don't consider anything "standard" yet, but like Stick I have settled on hyphens/dashes as my preference.

What does seem standard is the reference to "third roll" as the third roll of the game rather than to the third roll of one of the players. The position you have described (and Petter and Stick diagrammed) is a "fifth roll" position.

Based on my studies of third and fourth roll double 5s positions, I am confident that in your fifth roll position 65R-62S-62D-64H-55, making the ace point is correct. That is, Bar/20, 11/6 6/1(2).

Fifteen years ago, Paul Weaver wrote an article entitled "The Naked Ace Point" (Flint Area Backgammon News, May/June and July, 1994) featuring a third roll position I got wrong in a 1986 chouette: 43S-65R-55, diagrammed below. I had recommended making the 5pt, but the best play is to make the 10pt and 1pt. (Blitzing, 8/3(2) 6/1*(2), is third best, though it's right at GG.)

By "naked," Paul meant that the only inside points made are the 6pt and 1pt; no points are made in the intervening gulf. After reading Paul's path-breaking article, I worked on shedding my anti-ace-point bias carried over from my impressionable years first learning the game (mid 1970s), when it was considered reprehensibly antipositional to make the 1pt, especially by itself.

Below the first diagram (43S-65R-55) are some additional third roll positions where (for money) making the naked ace point is right (41S-33B-55, 41$-444-55, 43D-62H-55, 43S-63H-55 and 65R-62S-55). This is just a sampling, not by any means an exhaustive list. If one or more of them shocks you, be glad: it's an opportunity to learn.

Happy Holidays,



1O ' ' '1O5X '3X ' ' '4O

1X ' ' ' '5O '3O '1O '6X

Best: 20/10 6/1*(2)160

Position ID: 4HPwAyDgc+IBIQ Match ID: cIkWAAAAAAAA


1O1O ' ' '5X '3X '2X '4O

 ' ' '2X '5O '3O1O ' '3X

Best: 23/13 6/1(2)162

Position ID: 4HPGAQbgc+EBKA Match ID: cIn2AAAAAAAA


2O ' '2X '5X '1X ' ' '4O

1X ' ' ' '4O '3O1X ' '5X

Best: Bar/20(2) 6/1*(2)198

Position ID: mE/wESDgOXgAbA Match ID: cIn2AAAAAAAA


2O ' ' ' '5X '3X ' ' '3O

1X ' ' ' '5O '3O1X1O '5X

Best: Bar/20 13/8 6/1*(2)176

Position ID: 4HPwESDgc+IAWA Match ID: cIn2AAAAAAAA


1O ' ' '1O5X '3X ' ' '4O

1X ' ' ' '5O '3O '1X '5X

Best: Bar/20 13/8 6/1*(2)175

Position ID: 4HPwCSDgc/CAUA Match ID: cIkWAAAAAAAA


1O ' ' ' '5X '3X ' '1X6O

1X ' ' ' '5O1X3O ' ' '4X

Best: 13/8(2) 6/1*(2)156

Position ID: 4HPkQSDgc/ADIA Match ID: cIn2AAAAAAAA

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